Energise, cool, and relax your skin while stimulating lymph flow and blood circulation locally with these must-have beauty tools – great for enhancing your beauty and enjoying a little me-time.

      This is a Free Gift, available as part of the Artistry Holistic Beauty Solution – Not for sale individually.


      What It Does For You

      Jade Roller

      • Creates movement beneath the surface of the skin, which may boost lymph flow and blood circulation locally
      • Massages skincare products in to improve absorption
      • Provides an enjoyable cooling sensation

      Gua Sha

      • Produces a light, stimulating stretch of skin and tissue at the same time
      • Helps relax facial muscles
      • Invigorates circulation
      • Contributes to brighter, more-toned skin

      The Artistry Face and Body Massage Set is a free gift that is included in every order of an Artistry Holistic Beauty Solution. There are three variations for you to choose from:

      • Hydrating – For a fresh, dewy look to support youthful-looking skin.
      • Renewing – Nourish and firm up skin to help address first signs of ageing.
      • Firming – Brighten up and support skin against advanced signs of ageing.

      Why You Would Like It

      Facial massage is an important part of your skincare routine.

      The Jade Roller and Gua Sha are tools that are designed to elevate your skincare and beauty regime in a way that is enjoyable and helps you to unwind after a long day or energise your skin at the start of the day.

      Elegantly packaged, these tools – made from natural jade quartzite stone – help to:   

      • Address visible puffiness
      • Energise skin’s appearance
      • Help move fluid beneath skin’s surface
      • Stimulate lymph flow and blood circulation locally

      Enjoy the experience. Radiate the beauty benefits.

      Facts For You

      Ancient Chinese Medicine
      The term “gua sha” refers to a medical technique dating back thousands of years to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It means to ‘scrape’ tighten or tense areas of the body to relieve pain. Jade rolling has also been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It was believed that the gemstone draws out negative energy and balances ‘chi’, which is also known as ‘life force’ or ‘energy’. Jade is relatively cool to the touch, and has the ability to stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin.

      Fast becoming a must-have beauty accessory
      Gua Shas and Jade Rollers are becoming popular as beauty and healthy-lifestyle seekers look for natural and enjoyable ways to enhance their skincare and beauty routines.

      Made from natural jade stone
      These products feature natural jade quartzite stone. Because of this, no two products are exactly the same.

      Key Features

      Practical carry case
      The Jade Roller and Gua Sha come in an elegant carry case with a magnetic closing mechanism that allows you to keep these beauty essentials safe and looked after, whether at home or on your travels.

      Natural material
      Jade Roller and Gua Sha are made from natural jade quartzite stone.

      How To Use

      1. Cleanse, tone, treat and then apply moisturiser – using your favourite Artistry skincare products.
      2. Roll the Jade Roller gently over the face skin, applying consistent gentle pressure, as directed in our instructional video.
        Follow with the Gua Sha or use Gua Sha independently depending on what you want to achieve. After applying moisturiser and body lotion, use on the face and body, rubbing skin gently, with consistent pressure, as directed in our instructional video.

      Check out the instructional video here.


      Jade Roller and Gua Sha are made from natural jade quartzite stone.