Minors and people with a BMI below 18,5 are excluded from the bodykey by NUTRILITE™ programme. Women during pregnancy, breastfeeding women and people with a BMI above 30 should consult their doctor before participating in the bodykey by NUTRILITE™ programme. Please note that Amway will automatically exclude women during pregnancy and breastfeeding women from attending the weight loss programme unless confirmation is provided by their doctor.

The weight loss program, including the bodykey kit and the genetic test, are excluded from the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee. Sealed original and resellable bodykey kits can be returned to your Amway Business Owner for a  full reimbursement. Opened bodykey kits can only be returned if all components are included in a resellable manner and the genetic test box is still sealed. Statutory warranties and withdrawal rights remain unaffected.

The participation in the  bodykey by NUTRILITE™ weight loss programme and the receipt of test results, recommendations and other relevant information necessarily requires access to the internet. Otherwise you cannot participate in the programme. A unique code cannot be restored. In case of a loss of the unique code before first registration on the My bodykey Online Coach, the purchase of a another bodykey kit will be necessary to proceed with the programme.