The choice of diets out there is endless but, by not being able to accommodate programmes into their individual lifestyles, people have long been disappointed by results. The majority of diets work on a one-size-fits-all principle, which ignores the fact that every human being is different.

New research shows there is a strong correlation between DNA and the way the human body responds to nutrition and exercise. In keeping with the holistic NUTRILITE approach, the Nutrilite Health Institute has taken these findings and worked with other respected scientists, nutritionists and exercise experts to develop an innovative weight-loss programme that helps you to reach a sustainable weight loss.

bodykey by NUTRILITE™ is a science-based weight-loss programme that analyses your genetic predispositions to nutrition and physical activity. This information, together with details of your lifestyle and prefernces, is then used by the bodykey experts to provide a personalised Diet and Exercise Plan that will help you reach your weight-loss goals and keep your optimal weight in the long run.

Start with your bodykey™ Kit

The bodykey Kit is the entry point into the programme and the first step towards your new YOU.
It not only includes all the essentials you'll need to get started, such as the Genetic Test and products, but it also grants you unlimited access to our online expert suppport at My bodykey Online Coach.


Your genes have the answer

A sample of your  DNA will provide the laboratory with essential information as to how your body responds to fat and carbohydrates, as well as various types of physical activity. Through an advanced and sophisticated system, your unique DNA code will help provide part of the key information for designing your tailored Diet and Exercise Plan. Gathering a sample of your DNA is safe, easy and can be completed from the comfort of your own home.


My bodykey Online Coach –  Your online support

The Design My Plan feature will help us to understand you as a person, and not just as a dieter. Taking into consideration the things you like and the things you don’t, helps create a truly individualised plan; one that’s designed by and for you!

How much weight you want to lose is up to you, but it’s our job to help you reach and maintain that goal. Therefore, at the heart of your bodykey by NUTRILITE programme, is My bodykey Online Coach. Here a group of bodykey by NUTRILITE scientists, nutritionists, and exercise experts guide and encourage you along the way. Full of great advice, thousands of delicious recipes, 70 easy to follow exercise videos and helpful interactive tools, My bodykey Online Coach is your on-going companion for success and motivation.


Enjoy your meal

When it comes to losing weight, the food you consume plays an important role in your long-term success. Research has shown that a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition are two important factors to achieving optimal health. However, balancing health, diet, and nutrition with your everyday lifestyle needs is often easier said than done. Therefore, the bodykey by NUTRILITE programme offers you a holistic plan, which includes a variety of great-tasting instant meals, tea, and nutritional supplements that let you stick to your diet any time, any where, and in the flavour of your choice, while conforming to your Genetic Test result.

Tame your appetite with NUTRILITE™ Appetite Controller!

NUTRILITE™ Appetite Controller can help you take control of your weight management and fight the urge to overeat. When consumed, Appetite Controller attracts water, and then turns into a gel, which partially fills the stomach. It makes you feel full and more empowered to control portion size. The secret lies in its natural ingredients; glucomannan- a natural dietary fibre extracted from Konjac Root. Appetite Controller is compatible with all types of diet and highly recommended for anyone following the bodykey by NUTRILITE™ programme. Depending on your diet profile, combine it with Natural Fat Reducer or Natural Carb Reducer.



Your weight-loss journey is a personal one, and only you can know what reaching your target weight means to you. It may be the chance to fit into certain clothes or feeling confident enough to apply for a new job. bodykey by NUTRILITE doesn’t define success on just kilos lost, it’s also about feeling better and happier with your body.

You may be one of the many people for whom reaching your optimal weight isn’t necessarily the final destination, so the programme can be continued to maintain your size and weight and to keep you feeling good about yourself.


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