Who doesn’t love a little party? Or the vibe of the beach? Well, we have a special tip for you! By hosting a beach-inspired party, featuring the shimmery shades from the ARTISTRY™ Summer 2016 Limited Time Color Collection – Pacific Lights you can sell more as the sun heats up. Interested? Here’s the what, why, how and where of reaching new clients at your California style get-together.

WHAT The occasion is set in stone: Celebrate rising temperatures – and the release of the ARTISTRY Summer 2016 Color Collection – Pacific Lights! Inspired by the youthful, carefree, vibrant lifestyle California is known for, the line features:

WHY For the first time ever, ARTISTRY had teamed up with XS Power Drink in a beauty line that is the essence of California cool.

HOW Host a beach-themed get-together – why not call it the Pacific Lights Party? Send out invitations inviting over clients or potential clients to enjoy a refreshing XS Power Drink, listen to some laid-back tunes, and try the energy-laden yet everyday shades of the ARTISTRY Summer 2016 Color Collection. Tell clients to come in summery, beach-inspired outfit to really set the mood.

WHERE Space permitting, your home is a great location. Otherwise, if the sun is shining, head to a local park. Pack beach towels to sit on and some refreshments – as well as your favourite products from the collection to try out! Tuck a few pocket mirrors into your bag so clients can see how they look.



1 Keep it simple: One theme, one signature drink – like a tropical fruit smoothie or XS Power Drink – one beauty collection in focus, the ARTISTRY Summer 2016 Color Collection – Pacific Lights.

2 Uncertain about how to professionally apply eye shadow? Familiarise yourself with our how-to guide before the party.

3 Get down to business: Take time to casually chat at the beginning to make your clients feel at ease. But after 15-20 mintues, introduce the products.

4 Samples, samples, samples. Ideally, you have some or all of the collection on hand for clients to test. When testing lip gloss, keep things hygienic by using cotton swabs.

5 Update your trend know-how. Right now, selective shimmer is all the rage, meaning one feature like lips or eyes have a luminious finish while the skin is kept matte. Learn more about trends in the latest edition of AMAGRAM.