Women everywhere love the look of colour on their eyes, lips and cheeks, but many aren’t sure how to wear it in a flattering way. By familiarising yourself with these three tips from ARTISTRY™ Global Make-up Artist Rick DiCecca, you can advise potential clients on which NEW ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR products suit them best. Always keep in mind: wearing colour should be fun and easy!

1 Stick to colour palettes for eye shadow Preselected complementary colours and finishes, like the NEW ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Eye Shadow Quads, take the guesswork out of pairing hues. When you sit down with a client, first listen to her needs, then recommend one or two suitable colour palettes based on her skin tone and preferences. Refer to the guide below for eye shadow application tips!

2 Pair with eyeliner Because eyeliner can be intimidating, start by asking your client if she ever uses it. Then introduce the NEW ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Longwearing Eye Pencil, underlining how it perfectly pairs with the new eye shadow quads. Show her how to apply the dual-ended pencil to create both everyday eyes and smoldering smoky lids. Gain confidence by practicing on yourself or a family member beforehand!

3 Select the right blush Unsure which blush to recommend – especially to women with skin tones different from your own? Here’s a trick to ensure you pick the right shade every time. Ask your client to make a tight fist for a few seconds, then tell her to open her hand and hold it next to the blush shades. The most natural-looking NEW ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Blush most closely resembles the skin tone of her just-pressed fingertips and palm.


Letting clients see how make-up looks on their own face boosts your chances of selling. Eye shadow, however, can be tricky to apply – especially if you’re a little rusty. Follow Rick DiCecca’s instructions for combining the NEW ARTISTRY SIGNATURE COLOR Eye Shadow Quads and create eye-catching eyes with twinkles of colour on your clients. As a rule of thumb, always begin with the lightest – SHADE 1 – and end with the darkest – SHADE 4.

SHADE 1 Highlight Colour: Apply all over the eyelid, from lash line to under the eyebrow.

SHADE 2 Contour Colour: Use to define the crease and the outer corner of the eye.

SHADE 3 Accent Colour: Apply to the center of the lid, then blend outward toward the corner of the eye. Also use under the brow bone for drama. If desired, also apply shade 2 or 3 along lower lash line.

SHADE 4 Definition Colour: Smudge along the upper lash line to line and define. If desired, blend from the corner of the eye into the crease. Now blend well.

One final tip: Share what you are doing outloud during the demonstration and review in front of a mirror when finished. If your client prefers applying eye shadow herself, assist them by talking her through the steps.