Understanding the Plan

The foundation of our business

Your income

Promote* quality products that people use every day. Earn in three ways:

  • Retail profit (CVR) from every AmwayTM  product that a registered customer purchases.  
  • Bonuses calculated from your business growth. 
  • Incentives rewarded as you reach key milestones in your business. 
*Only Amway Business Owners who have sufficient registration of business activity with the local state and tax authorities are eligible to receive any income deriving from the business.

Retail profit

We have a retail price for each product that is 20% higher for your registered customers that the price for an Amway Business Owner. The difference between ABO price and retail price is the first part of your earning: your base discount.

Amway Business Owner price - ABOs pay a special ABO price for every product.

PV determines your qualification level

PV stands for Point Value. Nearly all products have a PV. The total PV of all product orders placed by you and the business group together for the month determines your bonus level. This table shows you the PV amount you need to earn per month in order to qualify for the different Performance Bonus percentages. Point values of individual products can be found online.

BV is used to calculate your Performance Bonus

BV stands for Business Volume. Nearly all products have a BV value, which determines the size of the bonus you will receive at a certain bonus percentage level.

Monthly PV

Performance Bonus %

10,000 PV 21%
7,000 PV 18%
4,000 PV 15%
2,400 PV 12%
1,200 PV 9%
600 PV 6%
200 PV 3%

Your Income example

When you calculate your bonus all you need to know is the total PV and BV of all your orders for a full month – that’s your sales volume. You can track your monthly PV and BV in 'My Office' on the Amway website after you log in. If you have sponsored a business group, you also need to know the volume of this group to calculate your overall bonus. You will discover there is a ratio between PV and BV. The total of all PV determines your bonus percent level and the total BV determines the amount of bonus you can receive. If you have ABOs who are also eligible for a bonus it will be deducted from your gross Performance Bonus; they will not lose any of their achieved bonuses. 

Let’s say your sales volume is 2,400 PV. Look back to the table to find your bonus percentage.

Your Performance bonus is 12%! Great job! Now we have all the information we need to see how much you’ll earn this month!

The example that follows is based on PV / BV (PV / £) coefficient of 1,69439 and a 20% base discount.

1Only those ABOs, who have sufficient registration of business activity with the local state and/or tax authorities, are eligible to receive bonuses and cash incentives as well as income deriving from retailing can participate in business seminars such as NPS, LTS and DC.  Assumes ABO performs consistently and meets requirements each month. PV/BV ratio of “1,69439" is used as an example only. For the currently valid PV/BV ratio please check Amway webpage or contact Customer Service. 

You have earned a 12% bonus by selling products to customers and you have already sponsored 3 downlines (each with customers of their own) who are earning a 3%, 6% and 9% bonus.

Suggested Retail Profit4

20% x 169 BV = 34 GBP

Your Personal Performance Bonus

Your Group PV is 2,400 PV/4,067 BV (200 personal PV/339 BV, plus 300 PV/508 BV from sponsored ABO A, 700 PV/1,186 BV from ABO B and 1,200 PV/2,033 BV from ABO C)

169 Personal BV
X 12% Performance bonus
= 41 GBP

3This calculation is for estimation only, may vary depending on actual circumstances and can contain out-of-date information. Information is for illustration only and neither constitues a promise, guarantee nor other bonus payment obligation by Amway. Income calculation results are gross and do not consider expenses and taxes related to the Amway business.

4This calculation with suggested 10% retail profit is based on ABO price.

The Differential Bonus is the Performance bonus percentage difference between you and your direct downline ABOs. How to calculate it: your percentage bracket minus the downline ABOs percentage bracket is the differential percentage. If you take the downlines’ group BV x differential percentage, you can calculate your differential bonus.

Your Differential Bonus from A = 46 BGP
(9% x 508 BV = 46 BGP)

Your Differential Bonus from B = 71 GBP
(6% x 1,186 BV = 71 GBP)

Your Differential Bonus from C = 61 GBP
(3% x 2,033 BV = 61 GBP)

Your Monthly Income

Retail Profit + Your Personal Performance Bonus + Your Differential Bonus 34 GBP + 41 GBP+ 172 GBP= 252 GBP

Your Yearly Income

252 GBP x 12 = 3,030 GBP