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      The knife base with a food-grade stainless steel 8-blade knife set provides great blending results.

      Should you need a new knife base, simply replace it with this original knife base with an 8-blade knife set.

      Also, if you are preparing different foods at the same time, it is more convenient to have a second knife base and glass jar readily available, so you can spend less time cleaning.


      What It Does For You

      • Stainless steel blades
      • Dishwasher safe
      • It can be used to blend warm ingredients up to 40 degrees Celsius

      Why You Would Like It

      The Nutrilite Blender Knife Base is a replacement product to help maintain the functionality of the original product: the Nutrilite Blender. You may want to get this replacement product if repeated use has caused your blades to become blunt OR if you are experiencing leaks due to a broken base.

      Key Features

      • The Knife Base is a single product used to replace the blades for the Nutrilite Blender.
      • They are stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

      How To Use

      • Read the Nutrilite Electric High-Speed manual thoroughly and follow the instructions.
      • Removing the knife set with the tool from the jar requires some force. Given the power of the Nutrilite/Nutriway Electric High-Speed Blender, it is important that the knife set is fitted tightly to the glass jar to avoid any potential leaks. Please ensure the knife set fits securely after cleaning/before operation.


      Technical Information

      The blender stainless steel 8-blade knife set is made of stainless-steel, Food Grade SUS420