Amway believes that hard work should be rewarded

Simply put, the Amway Business Owners Compensation Plan rewards you and Amway Business Owners you’ve sponsored for selling products. You earn income from:

  • Customer Volume Rebate (Retail profit) on product sales to customers. 
  • Monthly performance bonuses ranging from 6% to 21% of business volume, depending on your monthly productivity.
  • Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, and other cash awards and business incentives based on sales of your sponsored group.

Simple Steps to Success

Step 1: Learn. The only way to truly understand our products is to use them. Knowing what these products can do for you is important when presenting them as solutions to your customers.

Step 2: Retail. As your product knowledge increases, you will discover people all around you who need what you have to offer through the Amway business. Retail selling is the easiest way to make money with your Amway business.

Step 3: Sponsor. For some of your friends, the products provide the solution they are seeking. For others, the Amway business opportunity itself will have strong appeal, as they seek a business that can help them achieve their goals. When you sponsor someone, you can be rewarded for the business volume they generate. It’s that easy. Sign up to start your Amway business today.

How Amway Works