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Yes, Passionistas, you heard right! The mystical city of Shanghai is the inspiration for the latest offering in the STUDIO LINE range!

Watch this space for more information and click the link below for a sneek peak!

The days are beginning to get shorter and we will soon bid farewell to summer and welcome winter to the Northern Hemisphere. With COVID-19, supplementation is more important than ever to help protect your body against winter ailments. With our organic range of NURTILITE supplementation, we have you covered! We offer two special bundles to help boost your body : IMMUNITY KIT (adults) and SHIELD KIT (children).

Add these supplements to your daily routine for effective support of your immune system. For more information, see 'News' section below.

TRUVIVITY™ OxiBeauty™ food supplement Bundle is a drink and supplement combination with nutrients for radiant looking skin. It provides copper and Vitamin E for long-lasting, all-day protection against oxidative stress
The health and beauty of your skin begins beneath the surface. Your body changes with time, and the day-to-day decisions you make concerning your skincare and lifestyle become visible. Stresses such as poor diet, smoking, exposure to sunlight, and pollution can cause excess free radicals, which can accelerate skin ageing and damage. The OxiBeauty Beauty Bundle is a two-part solution made with no artificial flavours or added preservatives. Now you can build a protective buffer against oxidative stress with copper and Vitamin E and support vibrant skin from the inside. Take care of your inner-you all day long, and enhance your natural glow with the OxiBeauty products.

Your skin in unique, so why shouldn't your skincare be? For more than 50 years, Artistry™ scientists have combined ideal ingredients in precise amounts, using exclusive technologies and formulations that raise the bar for performance and safety. Personalised solutions that work for you, from basic skin care through to more specialized targeted serums, there is an ARTISTRY product for you! Discover the growing range of personalised products available in our serums and masks. Giving you the power to customise your skincare to target and address challenge areas specific to you!

Our personalised range also includes the SIGNATURE SELECT MASKS with 5 options to choose and combine to fit your skin's unique needs. Polishing mask : gently buffs skin to reveal a smooth, soft surface with a healthy-looking glow; the ulta-nourishing Firming Mask leaves skin feeling firmer and tighter; Purifying Mask - this dense clay mask deeply cleanses skin and pores, drawing out impurities and environmental pollutants; treat dry skin with the moisture-infusion of the Hydrating Mask, and last but not least; turn up the radiance with the energising effect of the Brightening Mask.

Look out for more products in this range coming soon!


Our news

25-08-2020Support your Immune System
Designed for ambitious and active go-getters, this exclusive kit comprises NUTRILITE Vitamin C Plus, Mineral Sticks Zinc and Vitamin D! Effective daily support for your immune system!

What It Does For You

Helps support your immune system
Simple, effective and convenient daily supplementation
Delivers a broad range of key vitamins and minerals
Vitamin D and Calcium help maintain strong teeth and bones
Three high-quality products in one tailored kit

25-08-2020Immune support for Children
NUTRILITE’s new Shield Kit has been specially designed to provide kids with a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals to support their immune system. The Chewable Multivitamin contains vitamin D and calcium for normal bone development in children, while Chewable C contains vitamin C that contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Bridge your kids’ potential nutritional gaps with premium vitamins and minerals in delicious flavours they’ll love!
08-06-2020MaXSimise your impressions
Amazing cooling sensation, mojito taste and rich vitamin-B complex to help combat tiredness and fatigue. Powers you up wherever you are. MaXSmize your adventure with XS Power Drink!

Facts For You

0 sugar and only 5 calories per can
Contains pantothenic acid to support mental performance
Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 support normal energy-yielding metabolism and help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Contains natural spearmint that gives an awesome cooling sensation.
08-06-2020MaXSimise your satisfaction
The new XS Amino Advantage is a great tasting, quick to mix sports drink packed with all 9 essential amino acids - the building blocks of protein that your body cannot produce itself.

The new XS Amino Advantage supplement has a great, wild berry flavor and mixes clear. It is packed with all 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA) our body cannot produce itself.

Our Fitness Specialist & Performance Nutritionist Johan Hagman advises that all nine Essential Amino Acids are required
12-05-2020Beauty that goes more than skin deep
TRUVIVITY™ OxiBeauty™ food supplement Bundle is a drink and supplement combination with nutrients for radiant looking skin. It provides copper and Vitamin E for long-lasting, all-day protection against oxidative stress.
TRUVIVITY quality means that you benefit from 145 years of combined expertise in ARTISTRY™ beauty and NUTRILITE food supplements. These two brands form a powerful combination and are great companions for radiant skin.
30-03-2020Stay Healthy
Compliment your daily routine with our range of vitamins and supplements. From daily multi-vitamins through to more specialised supplements, such as CalMagD, there is a supplement for you.
29-07-2019Personalise your Skincare!
Now you can create a skincare serum that is as unique as you! Choose up to 3 different serums to target challenge areas : wrinkle, brightening, spot, hydration and firming. With phytonutrient infused water and intense botanicals, this serum will take your skin care into the future.
25-03-2019Sports Nutiriton never tasted so good!
Give your body all it needs before, during and after your workout. Your personal best, just got better!
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