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Welcome to the world of exclusive Amway products and the Amway business opportunity.

Amway offers high quality products for your Nutrition, Beauty & Grooming and Home care needs as well as the opportunity to establish your own business.

I would like to offer you and your loved ones exclusive products that are completely safe for our health and the environment. If you care about yourself and your loved ones' health, quality of life and well-being, if you want to have more free time and save when purchasing necessary daily items, then this information is for you.

I think you will agree with me that we all need face, hair, mouth and body care products as well as housekeeping and laundry products. We are all looking for products that we can use without fear of allergic reactions. The market is huge. How do we know that the purchased product is right for us? Believe me, I tried many products and was not always satisfied with their results.

I have been using these Amway products for several years now and I am very happy with them. The company ensures that its customers are always satisfied with both the quality of the products and their efficiency.

For example, I have been looking for a very long time for a product that can easily remove greasy stains from the surfaces of kitchen cabinets. I even thought there was no market where to buy it. Could you imagine my surprise when I tried ZOOM, which worked well with cleaning fat. In fact, I was shocked at how easy it was to use - spray, wait 10 minutes and clean.

Another product is DISH DROPS™ dish washing detergent. I did not like to wash dishes. Now I don't care, I don't have that feeling of "I don't want to wash dishes" anymore. Why? Because I need a small amount of detergent, it is easy to wash even ground-food residue, dishes remain shiny and clean, it's really gentle to the hand skin and gives a pleasant citrus scent. My eyes enjoy the cleanliness and shine of the dishes.

Another unique product is concentrated liquid hand soap G&H PROTECT+™. I need a small drop to wash my hands. It effectively cleans and protects my hands from dirt, also its formula does not contain triclosan. Find out what damage that triclosan does.

So Amway offers a wide range of products. Researchers at this company are constantly looking for ways to improve them, how to apply new technologies and discoveries. Each product is designed according to our wishes, desires and needs, e.g.
- if your body skin is dry, try body wash and milk G&H REFRESH+
- if you feel constantly tired, sleepy, unable to concentrate, the food supplement NUTRILITE DOUBLE X ™ will be a great solution to regain strength and improve well-being
- if the skin is irritated by the razor blades during shaving, I recommend to try the HYMM 5 blade razor. Shaving will be more comfortable and less irritating. 25% thinner blade and wider sliding surface reduces pressure, it shaves even a minute ago badly shaved hair (suitable not only for men but also for women;))
- if you suffer from dandruff, shampoo against them SATINIQUE™ will be a great solution to solve this problem
- If you spend a lot of time at the computer or TV screen, you do need the NUTRILITE bilberry with lutein, which will protect your eyes from blue screens.

I could continue and continue this list. Amway's product range includes more than 450 products and more than 900 patents. You will definitely find what you like. Therefore, I offer to register as a customer or as Amway Business Owner. The second option will give an opportunity to purchase products with 20% cash back. (In order to be able to remain as an ABO, it is enough to buy just one product a year). The parcel will be delivered within 2-3 working days by DPD.

# 1 So, click the button to the left of the 'ABO Registration Form' or 'Registre as a customer'
# 2 Follow the registration process
# 3 Order product(s) that you are interested in

Need help? Contact me at any time with any questions. I am here to support you and guide you on how to use the products and how to build your own business if you are interested in it.

If you are interested in your business opportunities, this would be a separate topic of conversation. But know you will get full support and consistent instructions from me. There are also available free training, seminars, meetings, promotion programs.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to me
Best wishes from Svetlana  

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