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2020/21 changed the world for business, health & shopping and many saw the need for a second income stream.

Here we are in the new Performance Year 2022 from 1st September 2021 to 31 August 2022. WHAT a year this will be with new bonuses, new products and updated website coming soon. So Happy New Year...

Customers can register here with me and purchase what they wish, when they wish, paying by debit/credit card or PayPal.

For those interested in hearing more about the business and looking at gaining an income for themselves, then get yourself Registered on the "Build a Business With Me" section. It costs you nothing to register or get in touch so we can talk more about how the business works and what you might find in it for you.

Our own business group brought in HealthPointe into the UK. A wellness & weight loss program which goes hand-in-hand with Nutrilite. Being one of the pilot people back in July 2020 and having to lose a large amount of weight, I have now lost 6 stone (just over 38kg). I'm now coaching others through the program and this area might be of interest you too.

Lots happening in PY2022 so get in touch to know more and see what this amazing business has to offer YOU!

Best wishes
Based in Edinburgh but covers the UK with options for Europe & Worldwide too

My news

01-09-2021Happy New Year PY2022
PY2022 has started...

What a year this is going to be. The new Core Plus Bonuses have started so more money. With Amway there is no limit to what you can achieve nor where you can achieve it! You can have a local, European or Worldwide business. Your choice!

With recent product launches and more to come, NOW is definitely the time to get onboard and shop for yourself and show others how to do that. It's simple really....

Happy New Year to everyone....
Jane x
22-08-2021IN LOVE WITH...Artistry Skin Nutrition
I was a fan of Artistry's Hydra-V due to my sensitive skin. However, as I've found over many years, I should never doubt Artistry and their ability to produce amazing high-end products and these new Skin Nutrition products are a game-changer of a brand with everything.

The science of Artistry combined with the nutrition of Nutrilite makes over 100 years of expertise. I'm two days in and I love love love them.
19-08-2021Clean & Nurtured Skin
Artistry's Skin Nutrition

It's here at last. Check out this video and then get in touch to learn more about which products might suit your skin.
31-07-2021Home Care
Home Care/Personal Care/Laundry Care

The GENIUS of our business is that we all have to use these products daily. We are a bunch of people using some wonderful, environmentally produced products purchased from our own business benefiting us financially. Products have 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

I'd recommend SA8 Premium Washing Powder: cost effective, environmental with no fillers to clog the washing machine keeping it running longer! Win Win.
14-07-2021Improve Your Gut Health
Balance Within
This easy to consume product has 6 billion units of lactic acid producing bacteria AND B6/B9 to support the immune system, referred to as the "mood vitamins" which contribute to normal psychological function & to assist with tiredness & fatigue.

Launch 19 July
06-07-2021HealthPointe Recommendation
HealthPointe is simple & easy to use; it has all the information that you need and it becomes a lifestyle change rather than just an eating plan for a period of time. I found it easy to work around family life & was amazed I was never hungry. Jane was open and honest with me, giving me encouragement when I needed it. I would definitely recommend HealthPointe and whilst not at my final goal yet, it's given me the tools to achieve that goal
27-05-2021Healthpointe & Nutrilite Update
Finally, after a little plateau, another milestone on my Healthpointe journey. I've now lost 6 Stone (38.4kg/84.10lbs). This program has been, quite frankly, easier than any other I have ever done, I've learned so much about my needs. A little way to go yet so back on Cycle8. The Nutrilite supplements and XS Protein Bars have played a crucial role in this success and my overall health. Both Nutrilite & HealthPointe are well worth looking at for your own heath.so do get in touch.
29-04-2021Nutrilite Traceability

This is the Nutrilite Traceability video from Amway Global which I think is really a great way to understand a bit about the quality of Nutrilite, their organic and sustainable farming methods, and why it is the world's #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand.
03-03-2021California Dreaming...
The new Artistry Studio range is out and this time it's from LA! A bit of glamour, some pacific colours and fragrances. Just in time for summer...
10-02-2021Healthpointe & Nutrilite Update
My Healthpointe journey continues with some phenomenal results. As of 5th Feb 2021 my weight loss in 6 months and 2 weeks totals 5stone or 31.7kg or 70lbs. Whilst I'm overjoyed at this, as is my Doctor, it is the HbA1c Blood Test for diabetes that has left both my Doctor and me speechless! I started this journey on 20th July 2020 with a HbA1c result of 66 which was in the "Less than Poor" category. As of 5th Feb 2020 it is down to 32!! in the "you don't have diabetes" category. So so happy!
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