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My news

14-03-2016Truvivity Launch - Beauty from the Inside Out
Truvivity is here. The Nutrilite product designed for beauty! With a powdered drink in the morning and two supplements at night, this product increases the hydration from within so that your skin on the outside has a healthy glow.

With the high-end ingredients we have come to know and love from Nutrilite, I can say after two weeks of taking this myself I do notice a difference. Do get in touch to know more.

By Registering you will find that some first time offers open up for you and I recommend the new ABO Business Pack which is available within your first 30 days. This pack gives you a number of products from the main ranges at a reduced cost, delivery is free and you will also receive an additional bonus with this Pack.

What's not to like with all of that! Do get in touch if you want to discuss more.
02-09-2015Artistry Hydra V Skin Care

Launching 2nd September is this amazing skin care range which adds, and holds on to, hydration within the skin. Inspired by Nobel Prize Research and containing Norwegian Fjord Water, Himalaayan Pink Rock Minerals and Hawaiian Acai, all known for hydrating properties, this range will become a best-seller in no-time.

Do get in touch for more information and a chance to see the range.
24-05-2015Pink Grapefruit XS
Great News - new flavour of XS is here

XS Power Drink in Pink Grapefruit flavour has arrived. It's very refreshing on some of the good summer days.
24-05-2015London Experience Centre Opening Times
New London Experience Centre Opening Times

The new opening times will be effective from Monday 1st June 2015 and are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 1pm - 9pm
Satursday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Do go and visit and test out the products and chat to the Amway Experience Staff that are there to help you.
27-01-2015Winter Health Bundle
Winter Health Bundle

A great offer on at the moment is the Winter Bundle: Zinc Mineral Strips and Nutrilite's Fruit and Vegetables. A great duo for starting a health kick in 2015 and at the moment 10% off so now at £39.37.
27-01-2015Food Supplement Talk

3rd February 2015 from 6.15pm to @6.45pm

At the Amway Flagship Experience Centre, Victoria House, Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4AD

Please RSVP to me at jane@7aspire.com

23-11-2014For the Men at Christmas
There are two wonderful offers on at the moment in the run-up to Christmas which are specifically for the men in our lives.

The Hymm Bundle, consisting of Hymm Shaving Foam and Humm After Shave Balm. is current £11.80 for the two products (Order Number 2059261)

Opportune No1 Eau du Toilette is the most wonderful fragrance and it too has a discount at £17.95 (Order Number 109449)

Two great product to keep the men looking, and smelling, good!
23-11-2014G&H Bundle Offer
The G&H Bundle is a wonderful offer to get some of the superb personal care items into your life, or to gift to others. The Bundle features:

G&H Complexion Bar, a clear soap that lasts and lasts
Body Series Invisible Solid Deodorant Stick
Body Series G&H Body Shampoo
Body Series G&H Body Lotion

By buying the bundle at £20.25 it includes an Extendable Body Buffer. Order Number 259236.
23-11-2014Ideal Radiance
The Ideal Radiancecollection is proving a hugely popular one with luminosity of the skin showing within a day or two. Using this range myself I have noticed a difference in the evenness of my skin tone and people have been commenting on it.

The range is currently on offer at £157.70 and comes with a free Signature Lipstick. Offer number 259297.

Give yourself the Ideal Radiance 7 day challenge and see the results for yourself.
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Having worked with exclusive Amway products for over 18 years, I know these ranges offer high quality products in Nutrition, Beauty, XS Power Drink, Personal & Home care needs.

In each section tab below you will find just some of my recommendations, a news section and the ability to register as a customer. Alternatively, if you wish to become a member you can also do that. Both links are to the right of this page. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

You will find a world of wonderful products through the Amway brands and after 18 years of using them myself I am excited to share them with new customers and members alike.

Happy Shopping! All good wishes.


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