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27-05-2021Healthpointe & Nutrilite Update
Finally, after a little plateau, another milestone on my Healthpointe journey. I've now lost 6 Stone (38.4kg/84.10lbs). This program has been, quite frankly, easier than any other I have ever done, I've learned so much about my needs. A little way to go yet so back on Cycle8. The Nutrilite supplements and XS Protein Bars have played a crucial role in this success and my overall health. Both Nutrilite & HealthPointe are well worth looking at for your own heath.so do get in touch.
29-04-2021Nutrilite Traceability

This is the Nutrilite Traceability video from Amway Global which I think is really a great way to understand a bit about the quality of Nutrilite, their organic and sustainable farming methods, and why it is the world's #1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand.
03-03-2021California Dreaming...
The new Artistry Studio range is out and this time it's from LA! A bit of glamour, some pacific colours and fragrances. Just in time for summer...
10-02-2021Healthpointe & Nutrilite Update
My Healthpointe journey continues with some phenomenal results. As of 5th Feb 2021 my weight loss in 6 months and 2 weeks totals 5stone or 31.7kg or 70lbs. Whilst I'm overjoyed at this, as is my Doctor, it is the HbA1c Blood Test for diabetes that has left both my Doctor and me speechless! I started this journey on 20th July 2020 with a HbA1c result of 66 which was in the "Less than Poor" category. As of 5th Feb 2020 it is down to 32!! in the "you don't have diabetes" category. So so happy!
10-02-2021Company Sales Records
Wonderful results at the end of 2020 in that the Amway sales turnover in the UK and Ireland grew by 21%. Best turnover sales in November 2020 for 15 years!
We all wait with anticipation the world wide results which we already know are good and that we continue to be the #1 Direct Selling Company in the World but by how much....has the gap increased? Watch this space as they say....
17-12-2020Healthpointe & Nutrilite
As some will know, our Team brought the healthy living program, Healthpointe, to the UK in the summer of 2020. Fitting with Nutrilite our supplement brand the two go hand-in-hand to support a healthy lifestyle with the addition of weight management. I piloted the program and from 20 July 2020 to almost Christmas Day, I've lost 26.6kg/4st 2lbs. It has been fairly easy, I've energy, I've not craved bad foods and look really well. Do get in touch to know more. You won't be disappointed!
16-12-2020January 2021
Who is looking forward to 2021! What a year 2020 has been! I'm sure everyone is making some resolutions on fitness and health which have been so part of 2020 and the pandemic. Talking to all my team mentors, my own team and customers who currently purchase Nutrilite, they have been so thankful that they benefit from this brand. The quality is second to none. Add to this our Team's Healthpointe healthy living program and losing those extra pounds is made all the more easy. I'm a fan!
23-09-2020"Mummy" and "Mummy to Be" Bundles
Nutrilite Mummy and Mummy To Be Bundles

Great that the company have put together two bundles. One for the busy new mummies out there helping them with energy and their immune system. The other for mummies to be, making sure you have the right nutrients heading into pregnancy and through it.

Do get in touch if you would like to hear more.
11-08-2020Keep on top form with Nutrilite
Keeping on Top FormOur health has become so important to us over the past few months. Some have put on weight due to lockdown and need to find a way to shift it again and some have realised that whilst they may have a wonderful diet, they cannot actually eat all the colourful fruits and vegetables or oily fish they would like. Here' where Nutrilite comes to the rescue on both accounts. Check out our range and see what fits for you or ask me a question.
11-08-2020Protecting Our Skin
As I was walking along the beach today in the wind, I was reminded of years ago when my skin was so sensitive to these elements & it would be sore afterwards. A great way to protect your skin is to remember to use a hydrating cream, like the Hydra-V range, picking the right one for your skin type. It's lightweight and infused with the right botanicals to do the work. Do have a look at all the ranges - something for everyone's skin & budget.
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Having used and then worked with the exclusive Amway products for over 20 years, I have come to know these ranges very well for their high quality along with world leading research on ingredients in Nutrition, Beauty, XS Power Drink, Personal & Home care needs.

2020 changed the world for business, health & shopping and many saw the need for a second income stream. The Amway business in the UK grew. Health and wellness topped the charts and Nutrilite was seen to be the dietary supplement brand of choice for it’s efficacy, traceability and high standards. Artistry continued in the top 10 of prestige skin care and the Home Care range has been amazing since 1959 when it all started with a Liquid Organic Cleaner (LOC).

For those interested, join as an ABO, it costs nothing, you have 100% money back guarantee on almost all products AND a way to get cash back on your purchases. For Customers, you can register, order and have delivered all your favourites right to your own door.

Our own business group brought in HealthPointe into the UK. A wellness & weight loss program which goes hand-in-hand with Nutrilite. Being one of the pilot people back in July 2020 and having to lose a large amount of weight, I have now lost 6 stone (just over 38kg). I'm now coaching others through the program and this area might be of interest to you.

Lots happening in 2021 so get in touch to know more and see what this amazing business has to offer YOU!

Best wishes

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