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As an employed worker, Life is limited, and does not give you the freedom to fulfil all your dreams. Your working to make someone else successful and not yourself and the more time you spend in employment, the less time you have to make yourself successful. If you continue in employment, and you work an average of 8 hours day, 5 days a week and you spend a few hours travelling, and you also get an average of 8 hours sleep per day, you will only have 6 hours per day at home with your family and friends. Therefore you are spending more time with your boss, than you are spending with your family. Meanwhile if you start working when you are 20, & work for 45 years, on an average package of £30000 per year or less, at the end of the time period, when you reach old age, you will draw a retired fund of just £650 per month. That is what you have succeeded in getting from 45 years of hard labour. Interestingly however, 85% of people in the world choose to be in this system.

Alternatively you may choose to become self employed. In this system, you have the potential to make alot of money, however because you invest your own time and money into this business, you will work between 14-16 hours every day on your business because you really want it to be successful because of the potential earnings, this means that you will work alot of extra hours yourself and you will not have much to spend with your family and friends. The other factor to take into consideration is that you will find, that only 1 out of every 10 start up businesses become successful because you will need a start up loan or money to invest in marketing and advertising and if you do not make the exact correct decisions at the start, then alot of this money end up become wasted in the wrong advertising and marketing campaigns and therefore with no money left and no customers for your business, there is no other option but to go back to seeking employment again.

The likely hood is that you find yourself as one of the 9 in 10 that move back to being a worker. Interestingly 10% of the people in the work are self employed.

Alternatively you could be extremely successful already or born into a success environment and they invest their millions of pounds in real estate and other investments, and the money works for you and makes you even more millions upon millions upon billions and trillions of pounds through investing in the right places and making smart intelligent investment decisions, however without a substantial amount of money to start with and without the right investments it is not possible to join this way of earning an income.

Finally you can choose to become a Business Owner, which is exactly the opportunity that we have for you today.

The way this business works is simple. Amway today reported global sales of USD $11.8 billion for 2013. It sell high quality products and services. It offers valuable services and products for sale. Your opportunity is to do the marketing for Amway and sell their high quality products and services to the public via having an online shop and a visible presence on their web page, and by making intelligent marketing decisions, you can gain lots of customers and earn 25% of the cost of the products back into your online account.

If you can imagine having £100 pounds a month with a supermarket, £40 goes to the boss, £40 goes to middle man and £20 is the real value of the products which you have spent £100 on. “ If you order products for yourself and customers from your own online page, you can earn a return of 25% which a supermarket would not give you, you can register others to do the same”.

You can invite others to register as Amway Business Owners, which gives them the opportunity to build a business where they can earn an income and look forward to bonuses and incentives which can earn them a holiday. The Business Opportunity can also be passed on to future generations.

With hard work and effort you can build a successful business and reach higher levels of qualifications! So Contact Us today!

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