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Hello, my name is Eve.

So this is my story; I grew up with the unfortunate skin condition Eczema. I often felt like it was a life sentence as over the years I have had every topical medication available including steroids etc just to regulate my suffering. As I got older, I had to manage my skin by myself without my parents help and often I would struggle. With Eczema I often felt embarrassed to play sports and very self conscious. It played a lot on me as a young girl turning into a woman. Balancing my skin condition with being overweight was hard but I am proud to say my confidence in my self has become great.
If you're like me, unwilling to take over-the-counter medicines and really want to better your health then I say these natural products are what you need to try. I feel that Nutrilite helped me keep my condition under control.

Contact me for more information, friendly advice and someone to confide in.

My news

17-08-2015Let's fight skin conditions like Eczema together
Here is before and after of a customer who suffered form severe Eczema and dry skin on their hands. My Symptoms are very similar, with occurrences on my joints; elbows, back of my knees and thighs. The customer used Double X and Lecithin E and found that taking Vitamins helped.
04-08-2015How I keep fit whilst playing an active sport
I love exercising and keeping very active, since I am always on the go and having many years trying out all sorts of supplements I have found that sports energy drinks have so much sugar in them! I absolutely hate drinking them knowing that I am basically drinking sugar. Since find these natural alternatives I have been drinking XS™ Power Drink with 0% sugar it keeps me active for the whole day!
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