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Hello and Welcome to my corner of the Amway UK website!
I can't believe how quickly January 2017 is going! As we progress through winter into spring, my offer to you is FREE SHIPPING on any 2 Nutrilite products. Have a look at the benefits of our Cal Mag D Plus to boost our Vitamin D levels at this time of year. Combined with Omega 3 and Nutrilite Double X, I love this brand as it is the ONLY one I can find with a certificate of organic status and THE most effective supplement I've ever used! This is backed up by recent blood tests I have just had done and the numbers don't lie!

My favourite Artistry product has to be Artistry Essentials Eye & Lip Make-up remover! Try it for yourself and see how impressive it really is! Keeping the appearance of lines and wrinkles at bay is working well with Artistry Youth Extend products. Have a look at their range and call me if you have any questions:) ALL Amway Products carry a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call or text me if you want to:- 07984951136
Thank you.Cathy:)

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