Amway is always developing new ways to support its Business Owners and help them become the best they can be. The Internet provides an ideal way to do this as online resources are available around the clock, around the globe.
As a new Business Owner, you’ll have exclusive access to a wealth of essential information on your country’s Amway website – from product details, to current offers, to business coaching.

  • Amway app
  • Partner Stores
  • The Amway Academy
  • Start with e-learning
  • Product demonstrations
  • Amway merchandise

Amway app

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Amway app!

Amway Business Owners can manage their operations on the go with a full-service business app for android and Apple mobile devices. Use the integrated business dashboard to check the live update of your monthly sales volume, calculate your income, explore Amway brands, shop for products and access your prospecting tools right there when you need them. Take your business with you wherever you go, and grow your business on the go!

Partner Stores

Partner Stores

Amway Business Owners have the chance to add to their sales volume with purchases from one of our Partner Stores. It’s another way we help you maximise your earnings as it might just give you that extra boost into the next bonus level.

Click here to discover your Partner Stores

The Amway Academy


The Amway Academy!

Founded in 2009, Amway Academy offers training in 22 languages for Business Owners across Europe. Our most flexible options are found in our online e-learning program, including self-study courses as well as web live trainings with a team of experts. Our classroom training courses are offered to Amway Business Owners who want to become entrepreneurs and already have good knowledge of our products and brands. The classroom training courses are available in Amway facilities through out Europe.

Amway Academy collaborates with several highly respected universities, agencies and corporate academies, as well as with experienced Amway Business Owners, and has been a member of the European Corporate Learning Forum (ECLF) since 2009.

Start with e-learning


Start with e-learning

A good way to start your Amway courses is with self-study online. You’ll find courses, games, booklets, e-books and more to enhance your knowledge at

Please note that training content is available only to Amway Business Owners. 

Free of charge and available 24/7 for all Amway Business Owners, the e-learning program teaches you to present the products, get a positive response from customers, manage your business and more.

Once you’ve registered your business and received your login details, you can enjoy your first online course. After passing a short online test at the end of the session you can print your own course certificate.

Product demonstrations


Product demonstrations

When presenting products to customers, the most convincing arguments are based on personal experience.

We support you with our online media centre full of demonstration videos you can easily recreate. Visit today!

Amway merchandise

Amway merchandise

With special carriers for your demonstration equipment available to order, plus product samples, shopping bags, branded apparel and more, Amway offers everything you need to give your business that extra-professional look!