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Appetite Controller by NUTRILITE™

Order number: 119792| Size: Each pack contains 30 x 2.5 g sachets
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    Food supplement with glucomannan that helps you take control of your weight management and fight the urge to overeat.


    What It Does For You

    Helps you limit portion size, and still feel satiated.  When mixed with liquid it takes up space in your stomach creating the sensation of fullness.

    Starts taming your appetite immediately – your first serving will help you feel fuller before and during your next meal.

    Makes weight management easier - each serving comes in its own sachet and can be mixed easily with juice or water in just seconds.

    It is tasteless, so can be mixed with water or favourite juice without effecting the flavour. 

    It is perfect for people following the bodykey by NUTRILITE plan and it complements other NUTRILITE weight-management products. Can be combined with Natural Fat Reducer or Natural Carb Reducer (depending on diet profile).


    Why You Would Like It

    Appetite Controller is a food supplement that helps you control your appetite and fight overeating. When you’re in control of your appetite, weight management becomes easier. With Appetite Controller, you can still enjoy your food but you’re more empowered to control portion size.

    The secret of Appetite Controller lies in a unique natural ingredient: glucomannan extract. This natural dietary fibre attracts water and turns to gel in the stomach. This gel presses against the stomachs walls thus helps you to feel fuller. Additionally, it contains naturally derived Black elderberry extract that gives the product a pleasant purple colour.


    Facts For You

    • Proven to help people feel satisfied without overeating.
    • Made with ingredients from NutriCert™ certified sustainable farms.
    • Containing NutriCert™ Konjac Root (glucomannan) and NutriCert Black Elderberry
    • No artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives added
    • Nutrilite has been the world's No. 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplements brand for the past 10 years.*

    * Source Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements category, % retail value share, 2015 data.

    Key Features

    • Appetite Controller is proven to be an effective weight management product that helps you to control your portion size.
    • Appetite Controller is perfect for people who are following the bodykey by NUTRILITE weight-management programme and it complements other Nutrilite weight-management products, such as Natural Carb Reducer or Natural Fat Reducer.
    • Appetite Controller uses natural ingredients: NutriCert™ Konjac Root (glucomannan) and NutriCert Black Elderberry with no added artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives
    • Appetite Controller is packaged in convenient single-serve sachets that make preparation and consumption easy.


    How To Use

    • Tear open the stick-shaped sachet packaging and sprinkle into a glass with 250 ml water or juice.
    • Consume immediately after preparation.
    • Consume 3 servings per day, 30 minutes before each main meal.
    • To be consumed only with liquids not with food. Sufficient intake with liquids is mandatory.
    • There is a risk of choking for people with swallowing difficulties or when ingesting with inadequate fluid intake.

    For optimal results and to avoid risk of choking or swallowing discomfort, use only as directed on packaging.



    INGREDIENTS: Konjac Root (52.3%; 1.0 g Glucomannan per portion), Dextrin, Black Elderberry Extract (1.2% / 30 mg elderberry per portion; composition: Elderberry, Maltodextrin), Anti-caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide).


    Nutritional value


    in 1 bag           

    per day (3 Sticks)

    % NRV            


    1000 mg

    3000 mg



    * % of Nutrient Reference Value

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