Power System for Normal to Dry Skin ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™Power System for Normal to Dry Skin ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™
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Power System for Normal to Dry Skin ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™

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    Our 3 deeply hydrating products perfectly grouped to deliver maximum hydration for soft, supple and healthy-looking skin, at a 10% discount!


    What It Does For You

    • Gives you relaxed and radiant skin by improving your skin's hydration levels with products especially chosen for dry skin.
    • Gives you smoother, softer skin in 3 easy steps that you can fit effortlessly into your daily routine.
    • Within 3 days of using the Power System regularly, you will start to see the benefits of refreshed, better hydrated skin.
    • Your skin will show improved texture and the natural moisture barrier will be fortified in only 28 days.


    Why You Would Like It

    The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System for Dry Skin takes care of skin that struggles to maintain its moisture balance with 3 hydrating products conveniently bundled for you. With this skincare system you will enjoy skin that is refreshed, replenished and revitalised. The most powerful part of this trio is ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Vital Skin Serum Concentrate, which has the highest performing formula with our special ingredients. You also receive our rich, silky ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Replenishing Moisture Cream to provide daily nourishment and moisture. And to finish the treatment, ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Refreshing Eye Gel Cream brings our best hydrating care to your eyes.


    Facts For You

    • Clinical test results report that 83% of women thought their skin looked and felt healthier after 28 days of use.
    • Skin hydration is boosted by 270% instantly.
    • After 3 days of using the Power System you see skin that appears fresher, smoother and more hydrated.

    Key Features

    • The core product in the HYDRA-V range, Vital Skin Serum Concentrate provides your skin with a concentrated dose of our special hydration-enhancing ingredients.
    • If your skin tends to be dry, you will enjoy the deep moisturising effects of the Replenishing Moisture Cream during the day or night.
    • No HYDRA-V skincare routine would be complete without the Refreshing Eye Gel Cream to keep the skin around your eyes perfectly soft and smooth every day.


    How To Use



    The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Power System for Dry Skin gives you everything you need to keep your skin feeling soft and supple even if it has a tendency to dry out. All of our most important hydrating ingredients are distributed throughout these three products, including Norwegian Fjord Water, Himalayan Pink Rock Minerals and Hawaiian Acai. With exclusive ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Liposome technology, these rare substances are transported perfectly into your skin for maximum benefits.



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