The iCook range of cookware has been cleverly designed, beautifully made and intelligently thought out to deliver perfect, healthy cooking results, every time. iCook Stainless is more than premium collection of quality cookware. It's a carefully planned system, where every pot, pan, lid, and insert works with every other component, to help you create tempting dishes that preserve nutrition while using less fat.


The convenience of stack cooking

Stack cooking is a wonderfully convenient feature of your iCook Stainless Steel Cookset. You can prepare more foods at one time by stacking a small pan on top of a larger one. Your cookset is specially designed to provide the uniform heat distribution necessary for stack cooking. Stack cooking saves on space, energy and money. You should synchronise cooking time so that all your food is ready to serve at the same time.


VITALOK – locking in flavour and goodness

All iCook saucepans use the VITALOK method of cooking. The VITALOK way of cooking gives you nutritious, healthier meals because it allows food to steam in its own natural oils and juices. The weighted lid of every iCook Stainless Cookware item fits snugly to form a seal between the lid and the pan. Once you start to cook, the natural moisture in the food produces a vapour. This turns to water and forms a barrier – and this barrier maintains the tight seal during cooking.


DURAMIC™ Non-stick cookware

iCook non-stick cookware is extremely durable and offers superb performance for every meal. In fact, the iCook brand offers a superior product with Duramic™ non-stick coating system - a state of the art non-stick coating system that utilises the most advanced technology available today. The DURAMIC double coating makes every pan extremely scratch resistant. The lids are made of tempered glass so food won’t stick to them or the pan itself – and you can keep an eye on what’s cooking while the temperature is maintained inside.


iCook™ Knives

iCook knives have an ergonomic design and balanced centre of gravity, which provides maximum mobility and comfort. The knives are easy-to-hold, allowing you to control every move during cutting.

The steel blades of iCook knives are fully forged, whereas most others knives are stamped. The forged construction results in a heavier knife with a thicker blade and solid bolster for increased strength and longevity. The ergonomic design helps to offset the weight when used.

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Healthy cooking made simple with the iCook™  Wok

The iCook™  7-ply Wok incorporates the healthy, low moisture VITALOK system to preserve the flavour, nutrients, colour and texture of your food. The wok has 7 layers combining aluminium, alloy and steel to promote faster cooking, thus saving energy when cooking and the innovative design gives stability on the hob, while allowing you to turn food easily.

The iCook™ Wok enables you to prepare a host of Asian dishes as well as more traditional cuisine.

Each iCook™ Wok comes with a FREE Steamer Rack and Lotus Blossom Rack, perfect for steaming and keeping food hot.