You are on track to becoming an expert in the latest holistic skincare solution: beauty from within featuring the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ collection and TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE. Used together, the two product lines form a comprehensive skincare approach that works inside and out, 24/7, to make skin more beautiful and healthy looking. But what do Amway Business Owners who have already tried or sold the products have to say? How do they use the lines? What advice do they have for an effective sales pitch?

We wanted answers to these questions. That’s why we found some experienced ABOs and asked them personally. Their valuable insights can help you build or grow your holistic skincare business. Read on and watch the video to find out what they said.

Jump start every morning….
‘Early in the morning, sitting on the sofa sipping my TRUVIVITY Drink completely energises and refreshes me for the whole day.’ – Beena Manoj, UK

‘My morning starts with TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V.’ – Iris Rambousek, Austria

…and conclude every night.
‘The ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection hydrates my skin after a long day, while TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE helps reduce my skin’s fatigue at night.’* – Sarina Forot, Germany

Share personal experiences.
‘When I use ARTISTRY HYDRA-V and TRUVIVITY BY NUTRILITE products, I feel how hydrated my skin is. I just share the feeling with my potential customer and other ABOs.’* – Edmundas Viciulis, Poland

Give credit where credit’s due.
‘People often tell me I look younger than I actually am. My answer: I just use great products.’ – Niccolò Ravanelli, Italy

Confidence breeds success.
‘If you look beautiful, you will be sure of yourself, of Amway and of these great products, and you will definitely be successful.’ – Yana Kovalenko, Ukraine

Already tried the ARTISTRY HYDRA-V collection and TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE? Think about your personal experiences and incorporate them into a convincing sales pitch. If not, use your colleagues’ words to share the exciting story of holistic skincare with customers.

*Based on Amway Business Owner’s personal opinion