Beautiful, healthy-looking skin is something we all strive for. Now you can offer your Beauty customers a holistic skincare programme that is effective day and night. How? By pairing the food supplement TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE™ with the cutting-edge ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ skincare line. Used together, they simultaneously work from within the body and on the skin’s surface, helping customers achieve the radiant skin they’ve always wanted. Plus, by introducing customers to new Beauty products, you tap into new revenue streams and grow your business.


Excited to get started selling this comprehensive skincare solution? Great! Here are our top tips on selling TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V as perfect complements.

1 Do your research. The concept of holistic skincare might be new to your customers. Become an ‘expert’ on the topic to sell more persuasively. For instance, you should know the skin is affected by processes within the body as well as external factors. Get all important facts and selling arguments.

2 Appeal to ARTISTRY HYDRA-V customers… Explain how TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE nourishes skin from inside, helping it look healthy and beautiful. Mention how easy it is to integrate products like the Beauty Powder Drink into their routine. Just mix with water and drink while getting ready in the morning.

3 …and to TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE users. Focus on skincare from the outside in. Optimal hydration is key for supple, youthful-looking skin and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V helps skin maintain and retain moisture from the outside.

4 Let a compliment break the ice. Congratulate customers who already use either ARTISTRY HYDRA-V or TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE. Complimenting people’s personal choices make them feel good – and helps establish a positive repore and build trust with you. Then segue to the other product line by saying ‘If you like ARTISTRY HYDRA-V, then you really should try TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE’ or vice versa. Just remember: be authentic.

5 Mix and match your customers. Host a holistic beauty event in your home. On the guest list: current ARTISTRY HYDRA-V and TRUVIVITY by NUTRILITE customers. Ask people from each group to share positive experiences with the respective collection and let their stories convince others to try. In between stories, explain the advantages of holistic skincare.

6 Speak to customer needs and share product benefits. Focus on what your customers gain instead of listing off ingredients or naming features. Say ‘Holistic skincare makes your skin noticeably more radiant by hydrating it from outside and nourishes it from inside.'

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