MICHELLE D’ALLAIRD, Master Skin and Health Educator, ANSWERS

Until now masks were a supplemental part of people’s skincare regimen. Although they delivered skin some nice benefits, they were rarely considered a “necessary” part of a woman’s daily or weekly skincare routine. Many found facial masks to be less beneficial than daily treatment products or simply didn't have the time to pamper their lovely faces for twenty minutes a few times per week!

But things have changed! And ARTISTRY™ has jumped on the “change” bandwagon with an amazing new mask that is guaranteed to become a necessity in every woman’s – and even every man’s – weekly skincare regimen. Introducing a new ARTISTRY HYDRA-V™ Moisture Mask, a special microfibre tissue mask packed with moisture intense ingredients to maximise skin hydration, plumpness and revitalisation.

Straight talk with clients

Busy days, hectic schedules and stressful lifestyles have a dramatic impact on the condition and appearance of our skin. Deep hydration is the key to healthy skin, healthy skin is the key to youthful looking skin and ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Moisture Mask is the key to deep hydration. Boost the benefits of your ARTISTRY HYDRA-V daily skin care regimen by masking two to three times per week!

Michelle’s Masking Tips

Pass on these great tips to clients or use them as conversation starters. For example, when a client tells you about an upcoming trip, share tips 1 and 2.

1 – Mask daily when travelling. This helps your skin overcome changes in the environment as well as the appearance of stress and exhaustion. You might be tired, but your skin won’t show it!

2 – Hydrate skin on planes. During a long flight, apply a mask to add much needed hydration.

3 – Use masks as a door opener. After using ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Moisture Mask just once, your clients will beg to try the entire line.

4 – Rehydrate in winter. Immediately after outdoor sport in the wintertime, apply a mask while sipping a hot tea to instantly rehydrate weather-worn skin!

One final tip: Use any liquid remaining in the pouch on your neck, décolleté and hands to maximise this great new product!