ARTISTRY essentials

ARTISTRY™ essentials

ARTISTRY essentials consists of streamlined daily skincare products for normal-to-dry, sensitive, and combination-to-oily skin. Depending on your skin’s specific needs, the Essentials range of hydrating and balancing products can be coordinated for maximum benefits. In a matter of minutes, the three simple steps of the Essentials system – cleanser, toner, moisturiser – deliver purified botanicals and our exclusive US-patented Hydrolipid Matrix to your skin, with results you can see and feel.

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Natural beauty in three simple steps

Streamlined daily skincare that takes your individual skin into account: ARTISTRY essentials is based on a balance between the best of nature and state-of-the-art science to deliver great benefits straight to your skin. A range of hydrating and balancing products can be used together, depending on your skin’s specific needs. Cleansers, toners and lotions – three perfect, simple steps that make sure your skin gets what it requires all day, in a matter of minutes.

Experience the combination of exclusive, purified botanicals and our exclusive US-patented Hydrolipid Matrix (HLM). This powerful combination delivers our naturally derived ingredients with results you can see and feel: normal-to-dry, sensitive, or combination-to-oily skin is instantly optimized, made smooth and supple.

Serious science with everyday simplicity.

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Essential science for stunning results

ARTISTRY essentials feature our exclusive high-performance ingredients. Whether it’s our Hydrolipid Matrix (HLM), formulated in collaboration with a high end Swiss pharmaceutical company, or Nourish-3 Complex, ARTISTRY combines serious science with everyday simplicity to bring effective ingredients to your skin. Nature and research combine in a range of patented and specialised active ingredients derived from phytochemicals in plants and botanicals. Results are both immediate and lasting to help, replenishing the skin’s own humectants and lipids and restoring your complexion to its former youthful glow. Many of our botanicals come from our own affiliated NUTRILITE organic-certified farms*, guaranteeing you high quality natural ingredients. This fusion of science and nature finds its highest expression in one magic moment: when it revitalises and refreshes your skin, enhancing your individual beauty.

* "The farms are certified by official certification agencies in accordance with the laws of the country where the farms are located."